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Prices Come Down Till They Reach Your Budget

Fair Price is a Guarantee

What to Expect?

Prices will start high. With every hour, the prices will go down until they reach an undisclosed reserve price. Then, they are taken off the marketplace and the bid restarts at a later time. Any buyer who makes the first bid, wins!

What You Should Know?
Wait, but Not Too Long

Don’t let amazing deals slip from your hand just because you were waiting for a lower price.

Know Your Prices

Multiple buyers eagerly waiting for the same product. So, when you see a price you like, go for it.

It May Not Come Back

When a product hits its reserve price and goes away, it may not come back. Realize that.

Sell Your Products at the First Bid

A Convenient Auction with Many Free Ads

What to Expect?
You can easily set up your product on the Adway marketplace and your ad will instantly show up. The sale starts when you want, at the price you want and the prices change automatically. All you have to do is wait for a fair price.

What You Should Know?
Sale Period

You can sell on the platform for a day, a week or a month, as you like.

Free Ads

You can post 3 free ads and the for more you can buy packages of 5, 20 or even 50 ads.

Restart for Free

Every time your product reaches the reserve price, your ad will reappear for free.